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Interoil Holding congratulates the crew of Off Road Kazakhstan, Marat Abykaev and Andrey Chipenko, on winning the Rally Africa Eco Race-2017 in the competition of "commercial" cars T2. The drivers also kept their position in the Top-20 in the overall classification for SUVs and trucks.


One of the world's leading engine manufacturers - MWM GmbH company and Zeppelin GmbH concern confirmed the compliance of G-Profi line oils and G-Energy process fluids with their high quality standards.


Our mission is to provide every our partner with the best services, favoring now and in future to receive the perfect functioning of the partner’s machinery and mechanisms.


We’re aware that the foundation of the world’s existence is a motion. In a process of evolution, human beings  create tools that can serve as a  source of  the motion. We are ready to ensure the perfect functioning of all the mechanisms, which bear benefits to the people and make their life easier. We keep improving our services and a quality thereof, striving to prevent the client’s requests and, even, to exceed the expectations of our clients.


People as an essence of all values

We give our employees an opportunity to produce themselves the competitive advantages and values of the Company. The existent highest degree of trust is based on a confidence into the employees’ expertise and loyalty to the Company.

Aspiration for success
Leadership and success are our credo and aspiration. We are the team possessing the energy of leadership and striving for the professional success.

Our goodwill

Our priority is to earn goodwill and to be trusted by our customers, our partners, and the society. We value our goodwill. The transparency, honesty, and reliability come first in our work.

Innovation and development

Encouraging of employees to make the brave solutions and innovative proposals as an opportunity for them to be in a process of development and self-improvement. We provide the realization of our initiatives on basis of yearning for the general development and extension work.


We are responsible against our colleagues, our partners, and the society. Responsibility is an everyday standard in our work.


- To implement thoroughly the Company’s philosophy by our behaviour
- To commit our mission
- To follow our values. To comply with the best experience
- To take pride in our work and our passion for it